Friday, 24 April 2015

The lost art work in Chaupal of village Gamra (Hisar)

I had first visited this village (dist. Hisar) on 10.5.1997 and had talked at length to Master Balbir Singh Sheoran, 58 Chowdhry Taik Ram, 64 to throw light on the history of the village and the magnificent Chaupal that his elders had built 92 years ago in the year 1923 AD. It came to known that the mason-cum-artists belonged to Karsindu -a neighboring village. The head mason was Kaliya but the paintings in secco-tempera were created by Sariya, who died as lunatic in his later years. So sad an episode. The artist had created paintings in 74 panels depicting Kikar Singh for the first time -reputed wrestler and muscle man in entire erstwhile Punjab, several portraits of Kanphatta Nath Sadhus, the nature and other Gods of the Hindoos.
I had reached the village about 4 PM in the evening and by the time I completed inspection it was already getting dark. Since the building faced east, I decided to stay in the village and take photograph in the morning when the natural light was soft and the interiors also got illuminated. The village is situated 85 kilometers from my home in Rohtak town and returning was not practicable on a two wheeler. The roads in those days were also not so good as are nowadays. The Sarpanch volunteered to lodge us in his home. We were quite comfortable. At least a dozen elderly residents of the village were taking keen interest in the process of documentation and photography that was being done first time. They asked me a hundred questions if it were some scheme of the Govt. or what was the issue etc. but I engaged them on other issues and finally told that it were only due to personal interest in the history of village communities that brought me here. on 19th April 2015 when I decided to again visit this edifice to see if the original temperament, design and other decorative features could be in found, I was shocked to see that the walls had been painted and the art work was gone save a few that could be located in the staircase leading to the roof. One thing could not have changed: the habit of card playing as may be noticed in the two photographs taken 18 years apart. The whole think brought tears in my eyes. The village folk admitted that the loss of art heritage was due to lack of timely awareness. I have only regrets for the loss. The difference in time lag can be viewed through photographs.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Street Scenes in India

Most people live in filthy conditions and spent life times.........leave more filth behind for future generation..........the filth and garbage accumulates and becomes an eyesore bringing down the quality of life. The people who spread filth think that others such as sweepers deployed by Municipality will keep the common living spaces clean for them. They do come, collect the litter in some ironical corners and burn it. Thus making the air quality deteriorate. It is common to whole of India, particularly in areas inhabited by very low income group families. They watch and watch and do nothing. On the contrary, rural settings are far more cleaner and the people living here have far lower incomes than the city dwellers. Can Modi expect anything from them who has run a Clean India Campaign. These pictures depict scenes in a small but historically significant town located in northeastern Rajpootana.