Saturday, 9 February 2013


The adage that 'Dessan main desh Hariyana, jit doodh dahee ka khanaa' seems to have lost relevance for most Haryanvis nowadays as more people, particularly the younger generation, have taken to consumption of wine and other intoxicating substances. The consumption of wine -both Desi Tharra and English wine manufactured by Indian distilleries, has increased over the years. The rising figure of revenue and the quantity sold during a year are testimony to this fact. The pattern of consumption across social strata and the type of wine consumed has also changed. This consumption is more in the districts touching the national capital than those located far away simply because the acquisition of land by both the State Govt. as well as private builders. Sudden arrival of money for those that only lived on subsistence has proved disastrous and the people have taken on many a vice, acquired new lifestyles that is both unworthy as well as uncultured. The social organizations and the State that claims to look after the welfare of the people have no schemes to educate the people or do something to save people from falling into a trap of vices. As a result of the happening in the past decade or so, the health of the people of Haryana, in general, has declined and nowadays it hard to find 10 dandies in a village that used to boast of pure food and clean air. It is really a cause of great worry for the all of us that the consequences of consumption of wine and change to unworthy lifestyle may be retrogressive and we may lose culturally, lose stamina and physical prowess and lose respect in the eyes of self. The army and security forces are dependent on the nurseries of our villages from which they recruit hardy young men. The nurseries are now drying up throwing up new challenges before us to somehow preserve our security environment and its management. Where from the army will make recruitment in future if the present and future generation jeopardizes its health from ill-gotten or undeserved money?

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