Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Junagadh -Neglect of heritage property

These are a group of tombs built in 18th century AD and graves of the Nawabs of Junagadh and members of their family. These were built in local architectural style with embellishments in stucco carving. Buried here are first Nawab Sher Khan and Salabat Khan (1748-58), Nawab Mahabat Khan-I (1758-75) and Ratanbai, Begum of Bahadur Khan. These little know architectural beauties lie in utter neglect inside the old quarters of the city and I recently inspected them when told by a local friend. Although, a notice board carries the message that these monuments are protected and taken care of by the Department of Archaeology, Govt. of Gujarat but the physical status of the monuments and graves is such that less said is better. It is obvious that the concerned department is not fulfilling its responsibility in a desirable and upright manner. Had it not been for a protective wall, the monuments would have fallen to pieces and pilfered by now. However, the entire adjoining areas around this plot of about 1000 sq yards has been encroached by petty shopkeepers who care little about the hygiene of the surroundings.

[The two latter addition to the album depict the photos of the Mahabat Khan-II group of tombs built in the late nineteenth century i.e. a century apart from the others. The latter two were built at a cost of about 30 thousand of rupees. A fabulous sum in those times, indeed]

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